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one of my best friends

11. května 2008 v 20:27 | nel |  English only!
ooooukeeej :d tz... to je moj sloh na anglinu..... a je to o aniske tz bacha na to! :D len a iba cista pravda :D .. ale brat s rezervou pls.... bo te moje preklepy :d to sa zasa profka zasmeje :D

I am going to introduce you one of my best friends- Aňa. First time I met her five years ago, during our summer holiday. We were together at camp and we became friends so fast. After camp we haven't seen each other. Till our first year on secondary school. And after that our friendship continuou.
Aňa is very short person. But her figure is more than good. She is slim. At world is she looking with big brown eyes. Her nose is really small. Under the nose there are narrow lips . They are still smiling, so you can see braces on her teeth. Aňa have shoulder-length straight dark brown hair, sometimes with red belts. But the red colour isn't permanent, it is only shampoo.
When you are at the party and Aňa is here too, you can recognize her so fast.She will be in the middle of a heap of laughting people and she will talk to everyone, doesn't matterif she knows that person or it is somebody new.. She is very sociable, so she doesn' have problems with meeting new people. But on the other hand, she can condemn people at first sight and nobody will change her opinion. She is also very stubborn. She stays by her opinions till the end and doesn't matter if they are right or wrong. Nobody can persuade her about the reverse. However, I like her with all her positives and negatives. At least, she isn't boring.
Aňa is a little like me. She need a lot of movement. She can't just sit and do nothing. Her biggest hobby is sport, especially volleyball.We play it every week, sometimes twice a week. She is also interested in music and dancing. Books aren't her best friends, she prefers movies. And she often surfs on the net.
I'm very happy, that I met her and we became friends. She borught new colours to my world and she will always have a place in my heart.

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mas moc pekne zahlavi

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mas moc pekne zahlavi

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